Study In Australia

Why Study in Australia?

Australia has a well-established reputation as an educational leader, offering top-notch instruction to all students, particularly those from outside. Particularly in nations like Nepal, India, China, and others, there is growing awareness of the quality and range of Australian courses and certificates. Only after the achievement of competency standards are qualifications granted. No matter the industry, students can advance through several levels of certifications once they obtain them, offering a variety of routes between levels.


The Educational System for Nepalese Students in Australia

Why choosing to study in Australia from Nepal is a good decision ?

Eight of Australia's universities are in the top 100 in the world according to rankings of universities.Even superior to Germany and New Zealand is the Australian higher education system (9th in the world)

The majority of colleges are found in capital cities that are among the best 30 for student living.

The government spends more than $200,000,000 a year on international scholarships.

Due to its friendly atmosphere, a sizable number of international students pick Australia as their study destination every year.

You may live, study, and experience a culture with plenty of tourist attractions if a fantastic education system is in place.

Australian visa requirements for Nepali students

Australia has a strict immigration system in place, but with the appropriate assistance, you can navigate it without difficulty.You must have registered for a course of study in Australia in order to be granted a student visa, and you must provide proof of your ability to pay the tuition and sustain yourself while you are there. Parents may also stay with students who are under the age of 18. Here is the procedure for requesting and receiving a student visa.

This is how it must go:

  • To study in Australia from Nepal, register with Nexsus Educational Consultancy and speak with an education counselor.
  • Apply to schools with our assistance.
  • Pass the IELTS exam.
  • Obtain a letter of acceptance from the organization.
  • Get your documentation for an Australian student visa.
  • Pay your tuition and get your eCoE.
  • Medical exam for student visa.
  • Collect visa grant letter.


Best universities in Australia for Nepalese students

In terms of having the top educational institutions and providing the best living conditions for overseas students, Australia offers some of the world's best cities. Among the cities in Australia that are truly on the international stage are Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Students can research top institutions in these cities online or with the assistance of our counselors, and then shortlist the ones that seem the most appealing and submit applications. The other cities in Australia, outside Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, are classified as regional cities, and students who choose to study there may benefit from scholarships, additional PR points, and a prolonged stay in the nation after graduation.