Student Visa for Australia

Student Visa For Australia

Student Visa for Australia

How can I apply for a student visa in Australia?

One of the leading countries for international students looking to study abroad is Australia. Australia offers excellent professional chances after graduation and is home to hundreds of top-notch universities offering a variety of courses. You can begin your study abroad trip by requesting a student visa for Australia with the assistance of Nexsus Educational Consultancy.


Requirements for applying for an Australian student visa:

  • Legitimate need for a Temporary Entrant.
  • Financial requirements.
  • Rank on an English proficiency test.
  • Character Statutory Declaration Form.
  • Medical Certificate.

Documents Required to apply for Student Visa in Australia

  • A copy of your birth certificate, driver's license, or national identity card, as well as your passport.
  • Complete visa application form (157A).
  • Scores on an English test.
  • University's letter of offer or a confirmation of enrollment.
  • Evidence that you have the resources to fund your education financially.
  • Medical Insurance (OSHC).
  • Criminal history check.
  • Passport-size photos 








Student Visa Requirement

Student visa requirements - English Test Score





5.0 overall 5.5

6.0 each & overall 6.0 (depends upon the course some of the health course each band 7.0 overall 7.0

6.0 each & overall 6.5


5.5 overall 6.0

6.0 each & overall 6.0

each band 6.0 & overall 6.5

New Zealand

each band 5.0 overall 5.5

6.0 each band and overall 6.0

each band 6.0 & overall 6.5


5.0 & overall 5.5

6.0 each band and overall 6.0

each band 6.0 & overall 6.5



6.0 each band & overall 6.0

each bands 6.0 & overall 6.5